Camping tips

Using the proper, high quality outdoor gear is the key to having a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. Whether you’re hiking 100 miles, hunting deer, or just camping with friends, nothing ruins a good time faster than broken or unusable equipment. Camping supplies are much easier to find now in everyday stores, but many beginning campers make the mistake of buying whichever tent their local store sells. These tents are usually very low quality, made with inferior materials, and easy to break.

By buying a high quality tent, you can camp in almost any situation and trust that your tent will hold up. It’s also possible to find much more durable and protective tents by shopping with an experienced outdoor gear dealer. Tents are available that provide protection from below freezing temperatures, that can be pitched on the side of a steep hill, or that shed water extremely well for wet conditions. These kinds of tents can’t be found in most big box stores.

Even occasional or hobby campers should invest in a decent quality tent. Camping in one of the lower quality dome tents is not always the most fun experience. Leaks are common, as well as drafts from poorly placed netting or badly sewn seams. Many beginners assume that when camping in a tent, it’s just not possible to be comfortable. But once they get a chance to spend the night in a real camper’s tent, they find out that it’s simply not true.